Dr Doom movie, repaint

Dr. Doom (movie, repaint)

gray stars
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Victor von Doom had everything a man could want - wealth, power, and good looks. But the insecure man also wanted one more thing - to finally get out of the shadow of his old college rival, Reed Richards. Funding Reed's space mission, von Doom finally had the power he always wanted over Reed. As part of the agreement, von Doom insisted he go along for the ride - and came home with much more than he bargained for. The destructive cosmic rays that hit Reed's craft caused von Doom's skin to turn to a steely armor and gave him superhuman strength and the ability to shoot lethal electrical blasts. More resentful than ever, Doctor Doom has sworn revenge against Reed - and the Fantastic 4 - with a hatred more fierce than any ever known to man. Add or remove Doom's mask to reenact key scenes from the movie. Squeeze figure's legs together for street light swinging action.