Havok Marvel Legends

Havok (Marvel Legends)

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"He is a man determined to escape his shadows: the shadow of his past and the shadow of his brother, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops. Working with the X-Men, Havok learned to keep his powers in check, allowing him to gain mastery over them and to release them only when necessary. But Havok, consumed by comparisons to his revered brother, longed to get out from under Scott's shadow. He left the X-Men and had many adventures. Havok is resourceful and fiercely committed to the cause of mutant equality and there is no doubt he will once again take his place among the X-Men - not only to help prevent the coming genetic war, but also to find a way to step out of the shadows and allow his true talents to shine. Features 36 points of articulation and includes a 32 page comic book and the ""left leg"" of Giant Man."
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