Megatron Classic

Megatron (Classic)

gray stars
Lesser creatures are the playthings of my will. MEGATRON is the most feared and powerful leader in the history of Cybertron. His might is legendary, and his name is spoken only in whispers. He will stop at nothing in his drive to conquer the universe. So great is his will to power that even his own followers are little more to him than fuel for his war machine, and his enemies are less than the dust he grinds beneath his heel. He is always at the front of any DECEPTICON charge, soaring into the sky and vaporizing enemy positions with his antiproton pulse cannon. The mere sight of his snarling face is enough to break the spirit of many an Autobot. Converts from fusion blaster to Decepticon supreme commander. Features include cylinder which becomes wings and working scope which becomes an anti-proton pulse cannon.
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