12 inch Wolverine, Marvel Legends Icons, brown costume

12" Wolverine (Marvel Legends Icons, brown costume)

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Gifted with the uncanny ability to instantly heal almost any damage done to him and a tolerance for pain beyond that which would drive a normal man to madness, "Logan" was chosen for a radical surgery. His skeleton was experimentally bonded with indestructible adamantium, which also laces the retractable claws housed in his forearms.

His memory destroyed by the agonizing experiments, he has searched for years to solve the secrets of his past, but each answer has only brought with it more questions. Driven by anger and the memory of pain, he is fury personified in battle, a blinding frenzy of slashing claws and bone-shattering strength. As Weapon X, and then as Wolverine he has proven that a man can grow past his fear and pain to become a hero again and again over his countless adventures. He is living proof that as dangerous as mankind's foes may be, their champions must sometimes be equally as dangerous.