Cyclops Marvel Legends, Queen Brood Series

Cyclops (Marvel Legends, Queen Brood Series)

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Cyclops has had more than his fair share of pain. Everything he’s ever had, he’s lost – friends, loved ones, children. Every lost love that’s returned to him has done so only to be torn away again. There’s a reason he’s been the leader of the X-Men™ since the very beginning, however. He’s known since he was a child that sacrifice is his lot in life, and he’s never let it stop him. He feels every attack on him – feels it deeply – but he never stops, and never surrenders. He keeps on, through the pain, through the fear, through the crazed confusion that follows every defeat. Through sheer force of will, he holds himself – and by extension, the X-Men – together until every battle is won, and every evil has fallen.

Add this articulated action figure to your collection. Ready for action, this Cyclops figure is highly detailed and one of eight in the Brood Queen Series. Collect all eight figures (each sold separately) to build your own Brood Queen figure!