Autobot Camshaft, Movie Deluxe

Autobot Camshaft (Movie Deluxe)

gray stars
Deployed as part of an in-force recon squad to the hotter spots in the galaxy, AUTOBOT CAMSHAFT is used to trouble. Most of the time, BUMBLEBEE is the first to touch down on an alien world, but when OPTIMUS PRIME needs to know the lay of the land under extremely hostile conditions, he sends in AUTOBOT CAMSHAFT and the crew. His adaptive armor, enhanced by the power of the AllSpark, can harden to resist the most brutal environmental conditions. His weapons systems are designed to disable DECEPTICON units quickly and quietly. AUTOBOT CAMSHAFT is the perfect scout to call on when you need someone to hit the ground firing. Convert this detailed robot-to-vehicle figure from robot mode to sporty vehicle mode and back again. An extending torso cannon in robot mode helps you keep the enemies at bay!
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