30th Anniversary Coin Album Darth Vader Figure

30th Anniversary Coin Album with Darth Vader Figure

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"This collector's coin album pays tribute to a story that took place long, long ago. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga, each of the sixty 2007 basic figures (each sold separately) comes with a coin that reflects its character and movie. We’ve started you off with Figure #1, Darth Vader, and its coin! The five-panel coin album has a full-color outer mural and slots for all 60 commemorative Star Wars 30th anniversary coins. You'll find an anniversary time line printed inside. There are also 20 additional slots for special promotional or duplicate coins that may be released. Enjoy the hunt for these truly special coins!

Coin album comes with figure #1 - Darth Vader! - and an exclusive collector coin."

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