Commando Snake Eyes Commando

Commando Snake Eyes (Commando)

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"He is one of the greatest ninjas on the planet. But SNAKE EYES® is also a supreme commando capable of executing high-risk tactical missions with fine-edged precision and razor-sharp stealth. He conceals his many combat skills until the exact moment they are needed in battle, and values his two rare hitoshirezu swords for the same reason: their blades remain hidden until released to strike. He and FLINT share the same stealth and combat expertise – a perfect partnership of “the quiet knife” and the “secret arrow.”

Articulated enemy-infiltration specialist action figure features super “gripping” KUNG-FU GRIP hands that hold weapons and gear, and “grab” on to enemies! This figure also comes with an impressive assortment of gear that includes a crossbolo launcher and a configurable S6 blaster."

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