The Fett Legacy 3-Pack Evolutions

The Fett Legacy 3-Pack (Evolutions)

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"The Mandalorians are proud people whose lives are based on war. For thousands of years, these skilled fighters have crisscrossed the galaxy on crusades of conquest. They are feared and respected for their unparalleled battle skills and have left a blazing mark upon history. Mandalore the Indomitable is a legendary leader form long ago; Jango Fett ""fathers"" the clone trooper army; and his ""son"" Boba Fett uses his Mandalorian skill to become the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy.

Celebrate the Fett Legacy with this fantastic Evolutions 3-figure pack which includes Mandalore (new sculpt) from Knights of the Old Republic, Jango Fett from Attack of the Clones, and Boba Fett from Episodes IV-VI. Cool packaging includes unique Fett illustration and Bantha Skull iconography."

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