GI JOE 25th Anniversary Comic Pack - SCARLETT GI JOE HAWK

GI JOE 25th Anniversary Comic Pack - SCARLETT and GI JOE HAWK

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"It’s been 25 years since the battle between GI JOE and COBRA began, and to celebrate the anniversary, GI JOE has reprinted one of the most memorable GI JOE comic books from the 1980s, complete with new cover art by the award-winning illustrator and comic book artist Ashley Wood.

“Operation: Lady Doomsday” and “Hot Potato!” (Comic #1) is the very first GI JOE comic, introducing us to the GI JOE team and their COBRA adversaries. The comic contained two stories in one, and is the only one in which the team’s official name is mentioned.

This collectible comic book comes with the GI JOE action figures with weapons for staging your own action team showdowns."

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