Snake Eyes vs Red Ninja Troopers 6-Pack 25th Anniversary

Snake Eyes vs. Red Ninja Troopers 6-Pack (25th Anniversary)

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"Snake Eyes goes up against many enemies, but some of the most formidable ninjas he must face are the Cobra Red Ninja troopers. Once part of the same Arashikage clan as Snake Eyes, they are highly skilled, fiercely proud, and obsessively determined to be known as the best ninjas in the world. The only person who stands in their way is Snake Eyes. The G.I. Joe ninja has fought and defeated them in many a battle. This burns in their hearts: it must not be allowed to continue! An all-out ninja duel is about to happen...who will win and who will lose as Snake Eyes and the Red Ninja troopers draw their swords?

Includes Snake Eyes with Timber, 4 Red Ninja Troopers and accessories."

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