Ironhide Premium Series

Ironhide (Premium Series)

gray stars
With the war finally over, IRONHIDE is free to return to the simple, easy life he knew before. Captain Lennox has been kind enough to lend him some space in his barn to store the crates containing his weapon collection, and S7 has been more than happy to indulge him in experimental weaponry. Lennox and IRONHIDE spend their weekends in the most remote places they can get to, blasting boulders and small hills into atoms, and trading war stories. He watches over Lennox’s family while the human soldier is away on duty, and in return, Lennox keeps the old AUTOBOT warrior in perfect condition.

Change this Premium Series AUTOBOT figure with super-detailed deco from robot mode to Topkick® pick-up vehicle mode and back again! Chase down enemies with dual quad-missile cannons that each fire four projectiles in robot mode!

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