Cairo Swordsman 2008

Cairo Swordsman (2008)

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fter defeating a pack of local thugs, Indy encounters his most sword-savvy foe yet: the Cairo Swordsman. Wielding a heavy scimitar sword and an overconfident grin, the Cairo Swordsman appears from behind a crowd in a thronging marketplace. Despite his razor-sharp skills, he is easily dispatched and only briefly delays Indy’s frantic search for Marion.

Add to the adventure – and your collection! – with this sinister-looking figure! Challenge this sword-wielding enemy to a duel and swipe the hidden relic in the process! Dressed in a long, black robe and head wrap, this posable figure is ready for a sword-swinging showdown. And only you can decide who will win! Recreate exciting and memorable scenes from the classic Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Figure comes with a weapon and hidden relic accessories.

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