Indiana Jones crystal skull

Indiana Jones with crystal skull

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"In this quest to uncover the secrets of the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones races against the evil Irina Spalko. With the help of the young and rebellious Mutt Williams, Indy destroys much of the Russian forces and takes the rest on a deadly chase through the Peruvian jungle, leading to a final confrontation at the Lost Temple of Akator.

Team up with this hapless hero on an adventure-filled quest for the Crystal Skull! This detailed Indiana Jones figure is based on the legendary character as he appears in the latest Indiana Jones film, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and comes with a pistol and his signature whip to help defend himself and his crew in their search for the treasure! Complete with his satchel, holster and of course, the recognizable fedora hat, this fun figure also comes with a top-secret hidden relic for you to discover, the Crystal Skull statue and an interchangeable hand!

Figure comes with fedora hat, whip, pistol, Crystal Skull, interchangeable hand and hidden relic accessories."

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