Battle Rancor Felucian Rider Saddle

Battle Rancor with Felucian Rider and Saddle

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"The Force-sensitive Felucians patrol their jungle home world astride ferocious rancors that are marked with luminous warpaint. Together, a Felucian warrior and his rancor mount pose a formidable threat to even the most skilled Sith warrior. Felucia is heavily forested with fungal life forms and immense primitive plants that can be dangerous when disturbed. As one of the planets caught in the Clone Wars, Felucia becomes a battleground between opposing sides, pulling eh native Felucians into the midst of the conflict.

Felucian Warrior:
Felucians use their natural Force abilities to control their deadly rancor mounts. The native inhabitants of this jungle world expertly wield their bone swords while on patrol, showing no mercy to those who could seek to subjugate them.

Rancors are savage creatures that have been domesticated by the Felucians and other species in the galaxy. Only those who are attuned to the Force can successfully tame these menacing monsters. Even when tamed, a rancor can be unpredictable and must be treated with caution and respect.

Rancor measures approximately 12"" tall."

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