Sky BAT Sigma 6

Sky B.A.T. (Sigma 6)

gray stars
"COBRA SKY B.A.T. troops convert to different modes for multiple attack capabilities. Smart technology gives them the ability to automatically make the conversions themselves. Vertical Assault Packs attach to their backs and interface with their central processors to achieve complex aerial maneuvers. Armed with concussion bombs stored on the wings, they can launch devastating attacks from the air. In ground assault mode, their arms convert to powerful grenade launchers. With the addition of ionic gas canisters, they can enhance their strength and move at accelerated speed. To combat this robotic force, the SIGMA 6 team has developed specialized weapons designed to disable computerized systems.

Outfitted for sabotage operations, SKY B.A.T. figure comes with interchangeable weapon enhancements, including a vertical assault pack, ionic gas canisters and a grenade launcher. There’s even a cool SIGMA 6 poster inside!"

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