Starscream 25th Anniversary

Starscream (25th Anniversary)

gray stars
STARSCREAM is one of the deadliest warriors ever to emerge from the early battles of the civil war. He allied himself early on with MEGATRON, realizing that the DECEPTICON way was the easiest path to absolute power. He takes joy in destruction, his shrill laughter echoing across any battlefield over which he flies. Despite his power, he is a coward at heart, a bully more than a tyrant. He lives to lord his strength over those weaker than him, but he lives in fear of anyone stronger.

Convert this advanced conversion figure from robot to fighter-jet vehicle mode - and back again! Try launching missiles at your target! Complete with twin null-ray cannons with firing projectiles in robot mode and flip down landing gear in fighter-jet vehicle mode, this is one awesome figure for your collection.

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