Autobot Hound, 25th Anniversary

Autobot Hound (25th Anniversary)

gray stars
Within the chassis of DINOBOT beats the spark of a warrior. Victory won with honor is the highest aim to which he has ever aspired. It is an aim that seems more and more remote, the longer he spends under the command of MEGATRON. Duplicity is not the warrior’s way. As the battle on this strange, primitive world rages, it seems to DINOBOT that true honor may come only through the MAXIMAL way.

Get ready for a battle of prehistoric proportions! This awesome robot-to-beast figure converts from MAXIMAL warrior to PREDACON beast with the push of a button! Launch missiles in robot mode or unleash a vicious-looking Velociraptor dinosaur in beast mode. It’s a battle where only the strong survive – and only you decide who will win!

Figure comes with missile accessory.

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