Demitri Lilith

Demitri & Lilith

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Demitri Maximoff is a demon who was banished from the netherworld and forced to roam the earth as a vampire. Deep in the bowels of Maximoff castle in Romania, Demitri slept for 100 years slowly building up his powers, his ultimate plan: to take over and rule the netherworld and the human world and assume the title of "Prince of Darkness". Demitri now walks the earth in search of the other Darkstalkers to either aid his cause or be defeated - their supernatural souls devoured to increase his own strength. In his vampire form Demitri is quick and powerful, yet he must avoid sunlight, garlic and sharp wooden stakes. During battle, Demitri can temporarily transform into Demon form by harnessing the dark forces. He is a ruthless opponent whose proud and vengeful confidence is fueled by a demon soul.

Lilith Aensland is the soul sister of the sultry Scottish succubus Morrigan. Lilith was created when the darkness that was once part of Morrigan's soul was stripped away from Morrigan. After 300 years, the darkness coalesced and took shape and form and grew into the mischievous demoness known as Lilith. As Lilith grows more powerful, she needs a body to possess to contain her expanding dark essence. She will attempt to defeat and possess the other Darkstalkers, but ultimately she has vowed to seize Morrigan's body and claim it as her own rightful physical form.

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