Conrad Duke Hauser - Delta-6 Accelerator Suit Rise Cobra

Conrad "Duke" Hauser - Delta-6 Accelerator Suit (The Rise of Cobra)

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CONRAD "DUKE" HAUSER is a central member of the G.I.JOE team and chases COBRA villains through Paris to retrieve dangerous nanomite technology. His high-tech accelerator suit increases his speed and strength and is armed with gas-propelled grappling spears and a spinning gatling gun. His preferred weapon? M2X1 suppressive fire heavy machine gun with grenade launcher.

Jump into action with this fearless-looking action figure and his weapon accessories! You’ll have to move quickly (and quietly) to outmaneuver these evildoers before they destroy the planet. Espionage, excitement and fast-moving action are all coming your way!

Action figure comes with a stand, removable helmet and weapon accessories.