12 inch Neo-Viper - Attack GI Joe Pit, Rise Cobra

12" Neo-Viper - Attack on the GI Joe Pit (The Rise of Cobra)

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NEO-VIPERS are cold-blooded commandos whose bodies and minds have been altered to change them into warriors incapable of fear or pain. Their enhanced physical abilities make them inhumanly strong, fast and deadly, and their advanced composite body armor resists most ammunition.

Extreme battles require extreme fighters and this 12-inch tall NEO-VIPER figure is just the sinister soldier for the job! Clad in his special battle gear and wearing an ultra-intimidating mask, this awesome action figure is ready to do battle with the toughest G.I. JOE forces and then rise right up the ranks of your G.I. JOE collection!

Figure comes with weapon accessory.