Clayface vs Batman - Fists Clay Figure Pack DC Universe

Clayface vs. Batman - Fists of Clay Figure Pack (DC Universe)

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"Batman statistics:

Real Name:
Bruce Wayne

Industrialist, philanthropist, playboy, vigilante crime fighter (by night)

Base of operations:
Gotham City

First appearance:
Detective Comics #27 (May 1939)

Special skills:
Master detective, expert scientist, possibly the greatest martial arts expert in the world.

Clayface statistics:

Real name:
Basil Karlo

Former actor, professional criminal

Base of operations:

First appearance:
Detective Comics #40 (June 1940)

Special skills:
Can adopt the physical form of anyone or anything. If those whose appearance he adopts have super-powers, he copies those as well, his touch can reduce an enemy to protoplasm."

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