Black Bolt Marvel Legends, Nemesis series

Black Bolt (Marvel Legends, Nemesis series)

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Black Bolt is a monolith of a man. His silent presence radiates a sense of control and authority. As king of the Inhumans - a human subspecies created by the alien Kree - he wields a power vast and terrible. He is cursed never to speak, for even the slightest utterance from his lips carries the power to destroy. He communicates with his fellow Inhumans and the outside world through his wife Medusa, whose understanding of his intent is nearly total. With her and his council of mighty warriors and keen thinkers at his side, Black Bolt defends his people fiercely. He will stop at nothing to see that the Inhumans are safe from the perils of the outside world.

Includes the left leg of Nemesis.

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