Breakaway dark variant

Breakaway (dark variant)

gray stars
Serving in an army of robots tied to the ground makes BREAKAWAY unique. He is one of the very few among the elite AUTOBOT flyers, and he is unmatched for speed in a straight line. While other pilots focus on aerial acrobatics that confound the enemy, BREAKAWAY is content to speed over a fight at seemingly impossible velocity, releasing bombs and missiles that strike their targets before the thunderous boom of his passage can catch up.

Team up with this faithful ally and get ready to take on DECEPTICON forces! In robot mode, check out this super-cool AUTOBOT soldier’s spinning gatling cannon! Then, with a few twists and turns, change the robot figure to fighter jet mode and gear up for lots of high-“flying” adventure!

Detailed robot-to-vehicle figure features MECH ALIVE gearing for a spinning gatling cannon in robot mode!

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