12 inch Cobra Commander, carded

12" Cobra Commander (carded)

gray stars
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Cobra Commander is totally ruthless and without a conscience. The leader of the COBRA forces, he wants two simple things: to take over the world through his COBRA organization, and to destroy the GI JOE team. Money and power are what he's after and he'll do anything to get them. He demands complete loyalty from his forces and gives out strong punishments to anyone who questions him. He hates DUKE, the leader of the GI JOE team. He believes that if he can capture DUKE, then all his evil plans will fall into place. "Cobra Commander is as cunning and dangerous as the reptile for which he is named. Like a snake, he is always shedding his skin, escaping danger then rebuilding his operations overnight." Includes figure, jumpsuit, boots, cape, gauntlets, chest plate, large gun, small gun, knife and snake staff.