Electro Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series, Spider Charged

Electro (The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series, Spider Charged)

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Determined to destroy The Spectacular Spider-Man once and for all, Otto Octavius — aka the diabolical Doc Ock — powers up the city’s villains with his bio-engineered Cyber Spiders! Changed into living electricity by a failed experiment, Electro is determined to regain his body, at any cost. Only one person has stood in his way at every turn — The Spectacular Spider-Man. Now, with his lightning powers amped to the max by a Cyber Spider, he’s finally ready to give Spidey the shock of a lifetime. Swing into action with this articulated Electro figure! Based on the animated character, this thrilling villain comes with two different head accessories and a launching lightning “blast” to give his enemy a very “electrifying” experience. With his Cyber Spider by his side, this bad guy is more powerful than ever! Figure comes with collectible Cyber Spider.