Red Team Leader Master Chief 2-Pack

Red Team Leader and Master Chief 2-Pack

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"Past and present unite in this exclusive 2-pack showcasing the evolution of the UNSC's most advanced protection for their most extraordinary soldiers: the SPARTAN-II ""MJOLNIR"" power armor.

This limited-edition boxed set features McFarlane Toys' first-ever fully articulated Halo Wars Spartan figure in 5-inch scale as well as the debut of the massive ""M7057/Defoliant Projector"" flamethrower.

Mark IV: The first Mjolnir power armor design suitable for battlefield deployment. Worn by Spartans in the early conflicts of the Human-Covenant war, including the battles on the colony world of Arcadia (Halo Wars).

Mark VI: The ultimate evolution of the Mjolnir power armor, featuring regenerative energy shielding and integrated AI processors. Worn by the legendary Master Chief at the end of the Human-Covenant war (Halo 3)."

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