Infantry Code Name- Cobra Trooper

Infantry (Code Name: Cobra Trooper)

gray stars
"Hes one of the nameless, faceless infantry troopers in the vast COBRA army. These ground fighters have given their allegiance to COBRA COMMANDER (but just until someone more powerful usurps the head snake). The majority of these troopers come from the countless criminals and lowlifes that are found in every shadowy corner of the world, eager for a chance to wreak havoc on a grander scale and enticed by the promise of rich plunder. They are highly skilled in various weapons, qualified in the use of explosives, and experienced in the martial arts.

Check out this weapon-wielding warrior! Thwart GI JOE team members or just build your collection! with this outfitted action figure. Complete with weapons and accessories, the articulated action-seeker is ready for battle!"

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