DCU Classics Wave 12 Boxed Set

DCU Classics Wave 12 Boxed Set

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"This complete set includes all seven figures from Wave 12, plus the 50/50 variant figure. It contains all the pieces needed to build a Collect and Connect 9"" Darkseid with interchangeable Killing Glove and removable Mother Box, if you dare!

Look inside and you'll find:

•The Spectre (standard, non glowing version)
•Dr Mid-Nite (with owl pet)
•Iron (with real metal parts!)
•Mary Batson (Red version)
•Mary Batson (White version)
•Desaad (with removable chest box)

Please Note: This set does not contain the chase version of The Spectre. It includes the standard version, which does not glow in the dark."

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