Gambit vs Zangief

Gambit vs. Zangief

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"Zangief is a tough former Russian wrestler who trained for the Street Fighter competition by grappling with grizzly bears in the snow covered Siberian mountains. Zangief constantly seeks new opponents and greater challenges as he strives to prove the superiority of his massive Russian physique. Although he claims to fight for the honor and glory of mother Russia, Zangief has been at times the pawn of Bison. When Bison encourages Zangief to align with Apocalypse to destroy the X-Men, Zangief welcomes the opportunity to encounter new opponents.

The enigmatic Cajun, Gambit, finds himself squaring off with this hulking Russian brute. Armed with attitude, Gambit leaps into the fray without a doubt in his mind that he will stand victorious. Using his acrobatic prowess and throwing swarms of explosive playing cards, Gambit avoids the crushing blows of Zangief. What will the outcome of this confronation be, raw power or attitude and flair."

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