Mystery Mansion Playset Mystery Mates

Mystery Mansion Playset (Mystery Mates)

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The Mystery Crew are investigating suspicious goings on in the Mystery Mansion but they need to watch out for secret ghouls, traps and rooms along the way!

This Mystery Mansion Playset has more than 10 spooky features including some of these:

The ghoul in the cellar: Watch out! Go near the trap door and this ghoul will reach out from his hiding place to scare you!

Under the stairs: Walk carefully up the stairs otherwise you'll be surprised by a sudden movement below your feet!

Revolving Bookcase: No mansion would be complete without one...A revolving bookcase!

Spooky chair: Just when you thought it's OK to sit back and relax, this chair has a mind of its own!

Knight skeleton: There seems to be a ghost in the suit of armor!

Plus many more...

Includes 2.5" tall Scooby & Shaggy Mystery Mates figures.

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