Fighter Jet War Machine Transformers Crossovers, Iron Man 2

Fighter Jet War Machine (Transformers Crossovers, Iron Man 2)

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Even with all the weapons War Machine carries, there's always a good reason to carry more. The same military technicians that modified the original War Machine armor created this converting version. They increased its size and speed to match the military's best fighter jets, and added even more of the most devastating weaponry available to modern science.

This mighty figure is twice the trouble for any enemy that tries to take him on! In his mech mode, your "iron-clad" War Machine figure is ready and willing to pummel his opponents with his massive "strength". When it's time to shake up the battle a little, convert him to his "high-flying" fighter jet vehicle mode and launch his two missile accessories to give the bad guys an "airborne" attack they won't forget!

Figure comes with missile accessories.

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