Armored 4x4 Iron Man, Transformers Crossovers, Iron Man 2

Armored 4x4 Iron Man (Transformers Crossovers, Iron Man 2)

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In the rugged, untracked mountains, air power is almost useless. Enemies can hide in caves, or beneath dense tree cover. That's why Iron Man developed this tough, converting suit of armor with full off-road capabilities and repulsor-strength horsepower. When he's hunting bad guys in the wildest places on the planet, this is the armor Iron Man brings.

This mighty figure is twice the trouble for any enemy that tries to take him on! In his mech mode, your "iron-clad" Iron Man figure is ready and willing to pummel his opponents with his massive "strength" and his cannon accessory. When it's time to shake up the battle a little, convert him to his rough-riding 4x4 vehicle mode and attach his same cannon accessory to give the bad guys a "high-speed" chase they won't forget!

Figure comes with cannon accessory.

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