Count Dooku Speeder Bike

Count Dooku and Speeder Bike

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"Count Dooku flies a speeder bike across the Tatooine desert to confront Anakin Skywalker. The young Jedi will ruin Dooku’s plans to win Jabba the Hutt’s support if Skywalker returns with the Hutt’s son alive and well — after the devious Dooku had convinced Jabba that the Jedi had killed the boy.

Get ready for battles of epic proportions with this awesome articulated Count Dooku figure and his fast-moving Speeder Bike vehicle! Place your figure on his vehicle and help him speed into action with his lightsaber accessory drawn. Even when they’re just standing at attention in your collection, this fearsome villain and his vehicle are sure to inspire all kinds of out-of-this world adventures!

Count Dooku figure comes with vehicle and weapon accessory."

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