Juggernaut vs Dhalsim

Juggernaut vs. Dhalsim

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"Dhalsim is a wise and peaceful Yoga Master who believes that force should only be necessary as a last resort against unrelenting evil. Dhalsim's complete control over his own body and mind have given him the ability to alter the nature of his physical form. Dhalsim can bend and stretch his arms and legs with inhuman flexibility and can channel his powers into devastating fire attacks such as the ""Yoga Inferno"".

The unstoppable menace known as the Juggernaut has joined forces with Apocalypse to conquer the Marvel and Capcom universes. The living embodiment of destruction, Juggernaut's power flows from the mystic Cyttorak Crystal, granting him near unlimited strength and invulnerability. Sensing the inherent evil flowing from Juggernaut, Dhalsim confronts him. Dhalsim will have to look out for the Juggernaut's ""Earthquake Punch"" if he hopes to save the fate of two universes."

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