Hyena Bomber Clone Wars

Hyena Bomber (The Clone Wars)

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"The sky darkens as Hyena bombers approach, ready to release their destructive payload. Like vulture droids, these heavy ordnance droid bombers are designed with rotating wings for flight mode or ground attack mode. They carry a menacing range of weapons including concussion missiles and proton bombs. Hyena bombers targeted the Twi'lek cities on Ryloth as the Republic fought to liberate the planet from the Separatists.

Launch yourself into action with this awesome Hyena Bomber vehicle! Featuring both flight attack and ground combat battle modes, its pop-up, swiveling droid head and other intricate details make every battle feel more like the ""real thing"". Meanwhile, the firing projectile accessory and ""bomb""-dropping action make this a lean, mean battling ""machine""! Take control of this ""intergalactic"" vehicle and blast off for adventure!

Vehicle comes with projectile and bomb accessories and instructions."

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