Hawkgirl vs Gentleman Ghost Fates Intertwined

Hawkgirl vs. Gentleman Ghost (Fates Intertwined)

gray stars
During ancient Egypt's 15th dynasty., Princess Chay-Ara and her beloved Prince Khufu discovered a downed Thanagarian spacecraft. After their murder, the couple's exposure to the ship's anti-gravity Nth metal has destined them to be reincarnated through the ages and fight alongside the Justice Society of America.

Gentleman Ghost
After being hanged for his crimes, 19th century highwayman, ""Gentleman Jim"" Craddock's spirit rose again - as the Gentleman Ghost, returning to his former life of crime. The Gentleman Ghost soon crossed paths with the Justice Society of America. His powers and phantom nature make him nearly impossible to apprehend, but the superheroes of the 21st century always managed to defeat this dapper, spectral villain."

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