Captain Scooby Pirate Fort Mega Set

Captain Scooby and the Pirate Fort Mega Set

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Shiver me timbers - there are lots of haunted features inside the Scooby-Doo Pirate Fort Mega Set. Help Scooby hunt for the Pirate's treasure but beware - it's kept in a haunted chest! Walk Scooby over the working drawbridge to enter the fort and find shaky skeletons, sharks and trapdoors! You can even fire the working cannon - boom! Scooby can also climb the rigging to keep an eye out for Captain Redbeard as he tries to reclaim the treasure! You're bound to have lots of pirate fun with this feature filled playset!

Includes crow's nest, working cannon, drawbridge, pirate crew van, rigging, cannon, treasure chest and ladder.

Also includes 2" figures of Pirate Velma, Pirate Fred, Pirate Daphne, Mummy, Pirate Shaggy, Pirate Scooby and Phantom.

Fort measures approximately 15.9" x 11.9" x 8.2"

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