Race Car Iron Man 2 Action Figure Transformers Crossovers

Race Car Iron Man (Transformers Crossovers, Iron Man 2)

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Not every battle Iron Man fights takes place in the sky. Sometimes, speed and power on the ground are just as important as they are in the air. That's when Iron Man puts on this specialized suit of converting armor. Designed to outrun anything on the road, it can quickly change to a massive, powerful battle suit to blast enemy drones to pieces.

This mighty figure is twice the trouble for any enemy that tries to take him on! In his mech mode, your "iron-clad" Iron Man figure is ready and willing to pummel his opponents with his massive "strength". When it's time to shake up the battle a little, convert him to his fast-moving race car vehicle mode and flip out his cannon accessories to give the bad guys a high-speed chase they won't forget!

Thrilling figure converts from hero mech mode to speed demon race car vehicle mode with flip-out cannon accessories -- and back again! 6" scale.

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