Republic Gunship Vehicle Clone Wars Clone Saga Collection

Republic Gunship (Clone Wars, The Saga Collection)

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Who can forget the explosive scene in the Clone Wars animated series when a customized Republic gunship swoops into action on a desperate rescue mission. Armed with an impressive arsenal of weapons and painted to resemble a snarling beast, the gunship swoops over a vast army of battle droids to confront the deadly General Grievous himself head-on. Heavy laser cannons blaze in rapid fire, driving Grievous off and clearing a path for the ARC troopers to gather the wounded Jedi. Although the troopers are unable to eliminate the swift-moving Grievous, they successfully escape with the remaining Jedi Knights and simultaneously set off a series of explosive charges that rock the droid army. Features an opening canopy for 2 pilots, firing missile launchers, rappelling line, drop attack, 2 retractable doors and swiveling nose and tail canons. Includes ship body, 2 wings, 2 cannons, 2 cannon projectiles, 2 launcher missiles, 2 grappling hooks, 2 doors, grappling hook string, swiveling tail cannon, deployment platform, 8 wing bombs, 4 door bombs, canopy, labels and instructions. Figures not included.