Rogue Two Snowspeeder Star Wars Saga Collection vehicle

Rogue Two Snowspeeder (Saga Collection, Target Exclusive)

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When the Rebels' secret base on the ice planet of Hoth is discovered, the Empire launches a full ground assault. As Rebel transports take off in a desperate attempt to flee the Empire's clutches, a few pilots are brave enough to attack the invading AT-AT Imperial walkers. Flying T-47 snowspeeders (2-person modified airspeeders), the Rebel pilots attack the walkers head-on with dual laser cannons, harpoons and tow cables. Zev Senesca (A.K.A. Rogue TWO), a Rebel who saved Luke Skywalker and Han Solo from freezing to death in the harsh Hoth climate, is the pilot of this particular snowspeeder. Zev is also one of a few daring pilots to fly his snowspeeder into battle against the AT-AT walkers.

Features opening canopy for 2 pilots (1 figure included), retractable landing gear, swiveling tail gun, opening airbrakes and includes Zev Senesca figure.

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