Sandman Action Figure Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series

Sandman (The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series)

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"Flint Marko was a two-bit thug, who'd been apprehended by Spider-Man multiple times before he was recruited by Hammerhead and the Big Man to become one of the crime lord's commissioned Super Villains. Reluctantly, he was talked into being a human guinea pig for an illegal OsCorp experiment that was designed to give him sub-dermal silicon armor. But the experiment literally blew up in Flint's face, transforming him into the Sandman, a sentient creature of silicon particles. He'll battle Spider-Man because the web-slinger keeps getting in his way *and because he's somewhat obsessed by his new found power), but Marko's not hardcore evil. At heart, he's still just a two-bit thug. 6"" scale."
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