Savage Opress CW55 Star Wars Clone Wars action figure

Savage Opress (CW55)

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"Savage Opress is a dangerous assassin whose strength and abilities are enhanced by the Nightsisters, mysterious witches on the planet Dathomir. Opress uses menacing battle axes to deliver death and destruction at the command of Count Dooku and the Sith Lord's former agent Asajj Ventress. Get into the Star Wars action with this menacing SAVAGE OPRESS figure! He's dangerous enough with his battle axe but his enemies will get a big surprise when they find that it launches a missile! Re-enact battles from your favorite Star Wars movie or create new ones. When the action is over, pose your SAVAGE OPRESS figure on his battle base! The fate of the universe rests with you! Figure comes with axe, missile, GALACTIC BATTLE GAME card, battle base and die. 4.5"" tall."
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