Scourge Tanker Truck Figure Transformers Robots Disguise

Scourge (Robots In Disguise)

gray stars
Scourge is a no-nonsense field commander. Formed during the creation of the Decepticons when Megatron scanned both a tanker truck and Optimus Prime. Because of this mix-up, Scourge resents the Autobots and especially their leader. He's cunning, dangerous and cruel - if there is any Autobot goodness within his circuits, he covers it up in acts of destruction. His battle station is a fully loaded weapon and high-tech equipment arsenal. Furiously wields his signature sword in battle. This level 3 (advanced) Transformer inlcudes Scourge truck/robot with tanker/battle station, disk launcher, 5 disks, missile launcher, 10 missiles, rocket launcher, 2 rockets, battle sword, laser cannon and instructions.
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