Shocker Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series Spider Charged action figure

Shocker (The Spectacular Spider-Man Animated Series, Spider Charged)

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Determined to destroy The Spectacular Spider-Man once and for all, Otto Octavius aka the diabolical Doc Ock powers up the city's villains with his bio-engineered Cyber Spiders!

With his ability to blast destructive shock-waves from his hands boosted by Otto Octavius Cyber Spiders, Shocker is a bigger threat than ever before. He's always been able to crack pavement and knock people off their feet, but now his shock-waves can blast right through buildings, and smash trucks to smithereens!

Swing into action with this articulated Shocker figure! Based on the animated character, this thrilling villain comes with a spider charged snap-on shockwave accessory to knock his enemy out of the game for good!

6" scale figure comes with collectible Cyber Spider.

$119.99 $149.99 You Save $30.00
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