SILVER SURFER action figures

10" Silver Surfer (Marvel Universe, Marvel Team-Ups)
Includes surf board.
12" Cosmic Silver Surfer (Target Exclusive)
Features multiple points of articulation and includes surfboard.
12" Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends Icons)
First and most favored among the heralds of Galactus, the Silver Surfer is recognized across the universe as both a savior and a harbinger of doom. He is driven by an inborn love for adventure and exploration, as well as his own deep sense that there is much wrong in the universe that needs righting.

Norrin Radd offered to serve Galactus in exchange for the life of his beloved home world, Zenn-La. As the Silver Surfer he's spent eons at the side of the great Galactus, leading the planet-devouring entity from one energy-rich world to the next. He abandoned his master only after his first visit to the planet Earth, where he was reminded of his own devotion to freedom and love of life.

Since abandoning his duties as herald, he has wandered the universe, using the power cosmic to fight at the side of many of the most powerful heroes in this reality. He is an elemental force of justice that never tires, never ceases and never loses sight of all that is right and good.

14" Cosmic Power Galactus
The former master of the Silver Surfer, Galactus is the devourer of worlds. Directing his herald, Silver Surfer, Galactus travels throughout the universe consuming planets and feeding his never-ending hunger. Galactus remained unchallenged until the Surfer was sent to Earth, where he turned against his master in order to save the people and their planet. Banishing the Surfer and swearing a lifelong vendetta against him, Galactus created a new herald. His quest to satisfy his hunger continues throughout the galaxies. This endless quest leads him into continual conflict with the sentinel of the spaceways, the Silver Surfer.

Features electronic lights & sounds. Requires 2 'AA' batteries.

15" Silver Surfer (talking)
Fully poseable and says 4 cosmic phrases.
Cosmic Cruising Silver Surfer (movie)
Hailing from an unknown star system, the enigmatic entity known as the Silver Surfer has come to our planet on a mysterious intergalactic mission. Armed with the awesome power to manipulate any type of energy at will and the ability to ride a soaring cosmic force, the Surfer will be more than a challenge for the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four. It will take more than just teamwork for the Fantastic Four to overcome this otherwordly visitor and his hidden agenda.

Send this detailed Silver Surfer action figure “soaring” through the universe! Pull-back-and-go action lets him “ride” the cosmic waves! And with a sleek, metallic-looking finish, this fierce figure is on an intergalactic mission – and heading straight for your collection!

Heavy Metal Heroes 3-Pack (Spider-Man, Silver Surfer & Dr. Doom)
3" tall die-cast action figures with poseable action.
Heavy Metal Heroes Die Cast 10-Pack
3" tall die-cast action figures with poseable action includes Wolverine, Gambit, The Thing, Apocalypse, Hobgoblin, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Venom, Magneto and Silver Surfer.
Human Torch & Silver Surfer (Super Hero Squad, 2nd Edition)
The mightiest Marvel heroes are ready to save the day with their amazing abilities and super powers. Build your team and join in the battle with the Marvel Super Hero Squad! Add these two fun Marvel characters to your collection! Two-pack of chunky figures includes Human Torch -- the hottest super-hero around -- and Silver Surfer -- the cosmic-powered galactic guardian! Also comes with a cool poster for your room!
Planet Hulk and Silver Savage (Super Hero Squad)
Each 2 pack features characters from the Hulk Fantasy (Movie and Comics). Same great style as Marvel Super Hero Squad. Each are 2.5" tall.
Silver Savage (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series)
Temporarily disabled and fitted with an obedience slug, the Silver Surfer once again knows servitude. Though he has been free of Galactus's influence for years, his mind still retains some vestige of its servile nature, rendering him totally vulnerable to the suggestive power of his captors. Armed with primitive weapons and clad in warrior garb, he is pitted against his old friend the Hulk. Robbed of full access to the Power Cosmic by his enslavement, he is nearly killed by the Hulk before his obedience slug is destroyed. His power, finally unleashed, sets in motions the events that will destroy the Red King and lead to the coronation of the Hulk as King of Sakaar.

6" scale figure includes the right leg of Red Hulk.

Silver Surfer & Doctor Strange (Marvel Universe)
Enigmatic sorcerer DOCTOR STRANGE is one of the foremost masters of magic. The SILVER SURFER wields the power cosmic, giving him the ability to perform almost any feat imaginable. Together with NAMOR and the HULK they form the core of the Super Hero team the Defenders. The team has protected Earth from many threats, along the way proving to be an alliance that's as combustible as it is formidable. Get in on the fast-paced action and excitement as you stage epic battles with your SILVER SURFER and DOCTOR STRANGE figures leading the charge against evil! Re-create your favorite scenes from the included MARVEL comic book or create your own super-powered showdowns. With these mighty, articulated action figures, there's just no stopping the action! These heroic SILVER SURFER and DOCTOR STRANGE action figures are carefully detailed and ready for combat! SILVER SURFER figure stands on his signature surfboard! They come with an action-filled MARVEL comic book. Pack includes 4" SILVER SURFER figure, 4" DOCTOR STRANGE figure and comic book.
Silver Surfer (Fantastic Four)
A simple and noble man named Norrin Radd gave up his humanity in order that Galactus, the "Ravager of Worlds", should spare his beloved planet of Zenn-La. Galactus transformed Radd into the spaceway-spanning Silver Surfer, imbuing him with the awesome might of the power cosmic! Soaring through space on a nigh-unbreakable board, the Silver Surfer acted as Galactus's herald, finding new worlds for his master to consume. However, after aiding Earth's team of champions, the Fantastic Four, in their efforts to stop Galactus from consuming their planet, the Surfer discovered his true destiny: that of comsic-powered avenger! Features space surfing!
Silver Surfer (Heavy Metal Heroes)
2.5" tall die-cast poseable action figure.
Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends Limited Edition)
Among the greatest challenges ever faced by the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer looms largest. Taken from his home world Zenn-La, his mind was erased by Galactus and his body infused with the "Power Cosmic," elemental energies on which the universe turns. He is one of the most powerful beings in existence. Despite his long service to Galactus, he overcame his brainwashing and found himself remembering a world full of life, and love. His memories in their power gave him the strength to defy mighty Galactus himself, and turned the Silver Surfer from a galactic threat into one of the greatest heroes the universe has ever known.

6" scale.

Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends Showdown)
Includes super-poseable figure, power base, projectile shooter, 6 power cards and 1 battle tile.
Silver Surfer (Marvel Legends)
Desperate to deliver his home world from certain destruction, Norrin Radd struck a deal with the fundamental force of nature known as Galactus. As the world-devourer's herald, he would search the galaxy for his master's sustenance. Eventually breaking his bonds, the Silver Surfer now soars the cosmic waves unshackled as the Lone Sentinel of the Spaceways! Includes 32 page comic book, wall mountable display stand and Howard the Duck sidekick figure!
Silver Surfer (Marvel Super Heroes)
He's mysterious and noble. He's the peace-keeper of the galaxies - a burden only he would accept, because only the Silver Surfer possesses the near-limitless might of cosmic power. Flying on his super-swift surfboard, the Silver Surfer can travel hundreds of light years in a second. Shoule he and his board ever become separated, a quick mental command from him causes his board to instantly return. All tyrants tremble when they see the Silver Surfer come, for he can shatter their dreams of conquest in a flash of cosmic power.
Silver Surfer (Marvel Universe, #003)
Once held in thrall to the immortal planet-eater Galactus, the Silver Surfer long ago regained his free will, and adopted Earth as his home. Recently, however, he has ventured back out into the deep, alien reaches of space, in search of new meaning to his life. He has fount it in renewed service to great Galactus. He takes it upon himself to guide the ancient being wherever he can do the greatest good – or the least harm.

Detailed with defined “muscles”, pose this Silver Surfer action figure in a sky-surfing pose aboard his surfboard! Fully articulated, he’s ready to make a stand in your collection.

Action figure comes with a surfboard accessory and a S.H.I.E.L.D. file with a secret code.

4" scale.

Silver Surfer (Rise of the Silver Surfer Movie)
Hailing from an unknown star system, the enigmatic entity known as the Silver Surfer has come to our planet on a mysterious intergalactic mission. Armed with the awesome power to manipulate any type of energy at will and the ability to ride a soaring cosmic force, the Surfer will be more than a challenge for the combined abilities of the Fantastic Four. It will take more than just teamwork for the Fantastic Four to overcome this otherworldly visitor and his hidden agenda. Includes an awesome cosmic surfboard.

6" tall.

Silver Surfer (Ronan the Accuser Series)
The first time the Silver Surfer appeared in Earth's skies, it was as a thrall of Galactus, a world-devouring entity as old as the universe itself. He brought with him chaos, and the promise of destruction. It was only when he was reminded of his own world, long lost in the depths of space that he rebelled against his master. Cut off from the purpose he knew for so long, he took to wandering the spacelanes, intervening where he could to see that right was done, trying to atone for the countless worlds he had helped to destroy. As the first and most favored among the Heralds of Galactus, he is a living battery of the Power Cosmic, one of the foundational energies of the cosmos, and as such, his power is nearly limitless.

Add this articulated action figure to your collection. Ready for action, this 6" tall Silver Surfer figure is highly detailed and one of eight in the Ronan the Accuser Series. Collect all eight figures (each sold separately) to build your own Ronan the Accuser figure!

Silver Surfer's Cosmic Cycle
The Silver Surfer soars from planet to planet faster than light! Whether he's battling an evil alien empire or delivering the word fo mighty Galactus to a doomed world, nothing can stop the Sentinel of the Spaceways!

Features motorized bump & go action, "floor safe" wheels and a removable Silver Surfer figure.

Requires 2 AA or LR6 batteries, not included.

Solar Silver Surfer and Draconian Warrior
Galactus devoured the planet Draco in order to satisfy his unending hunger. The Draconians were then forced to live as a part of a group of space nomads called the Wanderers. The Draconians hold the Silver Surfer responsible for leading Galactus to their home planet. These Draconian warriors will travel to the ends of the universe to exact their revenge on the sentinel of the spaceways. The Surfer's cosmic glaze reflects the glow of a distant sun. This camouflages him and lets him elude these warriors without having to harm them.
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