Snake Trax ATV Scrap-Iron Rise Cobra action figure

Snake Trax A.T.V. with Scrap-Iron (The Rise of Cobra)

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"COBRA SNAKE TRAX A.T.V.s easily cruise over mountains, deserts and any other rough terrain. These high-powered, quick-strike vehicles are equipped with laser-guided LG-220 missiles, and guarantee any assault force the capability to reach targets swiftly and hit them hard. SCRAP-IRON designed the vehicle, and enjoys taking it out and blowing things up.

No mountain, desert or sandbox is safe when the COBRA SNAKE TRAX A.T.V vehicle is on the move, especially when the vehicle’s designer is driving! The SNAKE TRAX A.T.V. features an opening canopy with firing missile; and comes with SCRAP-IRON action figure."

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