SPIDER-MAN (Electro-Spark) action figures

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Captain America (Electro-Spark)
"When the electricity-wielding Electro threatens to destroy New York City's power supply, only the combined forces of Spider-Man and Captain America can stop him. Flying in from Avengers Mansion, Captain America finds Spider-Man locked in battle with the electrically-charged villain. Joining forces, Cap and Spidey waste no time in showing Electro just what it means to be a hero! Absorbing Electro's powerful blasts, Captain America's shield becomes charged with power. Thrown with pinpoint accuracy, Cap's shield impacts the force field surrounding Electro's energy siphoning machine and nullifies it, leaving Spider-man free to ground Electro for good!"
Electro (Electro-Spark, gold highlights)
Electro-Shock Spidey (Electro-Spark)
"Sealed within electrically-charged armor, Spider-Man crackles with power the likes of which he's never before possessed! Using his shield to knock down a protective force field, Captain America clears the way for Spider-Man to reach Electro's energy siphoning machine. Using all of his armor's power, Spidey blasts Electro's machine, overloading and destroying it. Discarding the now-powerless armor, Spider-Man swings to the ground to take on Electro once and for all!"
Electro-Spark Spider-Man (Electro-Spark)
"Created from special non-conductive materials, Spider-Man's Anti-Electro gear is just what he needs against the increased power of Electro! Busy dealing with Captain America and the remote-controlled Steel-Spider Armor, Electro is caught completely by surprise by the sudden appearance of the real Spider-Man. Clamping down on the villain with his energy absorbing spider-pincer, Spider-Man once again saves the city, and pulls the plug on Electro!"
Steel-Shock Spider-Man (Electro-Spark)
"Busting through anything in his way is Spider-Man in his Steel-Spider armor! Built for going up against heavy-hitting villains like Juggernaut and the Abomination, Spider-Man uses this special armor in his strategy to stop Electro. Swinging in from the rooftops, Spidey remotely controls the Steel-Spider armor, creating a diversion and allowing him to get close enough to shut Electro down for good! Features sparking chest action."
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