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8" 1st Appearance Punisher (Spider-Man Origins)
Frank Castle wasn't always this way. He had a life once. He had a family. But the brutal murder of his wife and child took away his family, and a cover-up by corrupt police swept away the last tatters of his former life. Frank Castle went under-ground, leaving behind his pursuit of justice, forgetting his quest for revenge, focusing on one thing, and one thing only: finding those who do evil and punishing them for their crimes.

The Punisher doesn't concern himself with right or wrong as long as the bad guys get what's coming. He hasn't got any super powers to lean on, no super-senses or indestructible skeleton. He's just a man. A very, very dangerous man. If you cross that line between good and evil, remember that sooner or later, he's coming for you.

Includes an Amazing Spider-Man comic featuring Punisher's first appearance. 8" scale.

8" 1st Appearance Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins)
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At a scientific demonstration, Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that had been exposed to a huge dose of radiation. He fell ill, only to find himself suddenly imbued with amazing powers. When a passing car nearly ran him down, he discovered the ability to jump huge distances and cling to walls, not to mention his danger detecting "spider-sense" and super strength.

When the arrogance born of his newfound powers led him to allow a fleeing thug to escape, something happened that changed his life. The same thug later gunned down Peter's beloved Uncle Ben. Nothing would ever be the same. From then on the streets of New York City fell under the protection of the amazing Spider-Man. Features fabric costume.

8" Black Costume Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins)
Hero-napped and transported to a distant world, Spider-Man became involved in a vicious fight to the end. His costume shredded and webshooters crushed, he was more than hapy with this sleek, new costume created by an alien machine.

He couldn't have known, of course, that the "costume-making machine" was, in fact, an alien prison for a dangerous symbiotic creature that returned with him to Earth. Seeking to bond with Peter permanently, it claimed his body while he slept. As it slowly insinuated itself into his mind, Spider-Man was only able to defeat the creature with the help of Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Even then the symbiote finally did find a partner in Eddie Brock, who it transformed into the deadly Venom. Features fabric costume.

8" Captain America (Spider-Man Origins)
Steven Rogers is more than just a living weapon like those unfortunates ground through the Weapon X program. He is a leader, tested and true, a man born in a greater age to the ideals of honor, justice and duty. He is the finest athlete and warrior ever produced by human ingenuity, but it is his spirit that makes him what he is. He is an example to his comrades and a symbol to the public. It is under his tutelage that most new Avengers learn their most valuable lessons about being a hero.

Despite his lifetime as a military man, he remains a fierce individualist. As such, he has a great deal of respect for the more independent members of the Avengers, like Spider-Man. He sees him and those like him as the greatest hope for the continuing liberty of the American spirit. To Captain America, death is a lesser indignity than the sacrifice of freedom. He lays his life on the line, every day, for the protection of the freedom of others.

8" Daredevil (Spider-Man Origins)
Matt Murdock's neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen was once the domain of the most dangerous criminals in New York. It was a squalid, urban maze known for the stench of its slaughterhouses. Murdock's father - the boxer "Battlin' Jack" Murdock - taught him that there was more to life than fighting. He pushed Matt to get an education, but ironically, it was his death at the hands of a gangster that showed Matt that sometimes, fighting is the only answer.

Since then he has protected Hell's Kitchen by night as the fearless Daredevil, and served its people by day as ace attorney Matt Murdock. Using the superhuman senses and "radar sense" granted him in the same accident that took his sight, he fights crime with an incredible acrobatic style that has earned him the nickname "The Man Without Fear." His crimson clad figure has become a welcome sight among the city's residents. He counts Spider-Man as his friend, for the two share much in their connections to the city.

8" Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man Origins)
Raised in a miserable home, Otto Octavius sought refuge in science. Cut off from the affection of other people, he grew obsessed with nuclear physics and robotics, moving decades beyond the achievements of his peers. Among his most brilliant inventions was a set of highly sophisticated robotic "tentacles" he used to assist him in his experiments.

A catastrophic radiation leak left Octavius brain damaged, and his robotic tentacles fused to his spine. Latent telepathic powers emerged, allowing him to mentally control his new appendages as if he had been born with them, giving him immense strength, great reach and stunning mobility. Driven mad by this final insult in a life filled with pain, he turned to a life of crime. Features fabric costume.

8" Green Goblin (Spider-Man Origins)
Driven mad by the same chemical infusion that granted him his incredible strength and intelligence, Norman Osborn became obsessed with the destruction of Spider-Man. So determined is his plotting that Spider-Man sometimes thinks of the Green Goblin as his personal curse.

His influence on the history of Spider-Man is so pervasive that it is difficult to point to a painfully defining moment in the hero's career in which the Green Goblin did not have some hand. From the tragic death of Peter Parker's first love to the loss of his child, Osborn has been there, looming in the shadows, a cackling, demented specter, clutching a ticking pumpkin bomb as the smoke from his glider's exhaust obscures the web-slinger's future. Features fabric costume and includes belt, satchel, glider and 2 pumpkin bombs.

8" Iron Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins)
Tony Stark made a gift of this costume as a way of welcoming Spider-Man to membership in the Avengers. It represents his status as a member in good standing of the super hero community, and of course, an employee of Stark International and an associate of the invincible Iron Man.

In addition to housing features that enhance the new powers with which Spider-Man has been gifted, this new costume is far more versatile than the old. It responds instantly to the mental commands of its wearer, shifting appearance or extruding an array of tools and weapons. In addition, it offers increased protection as its liquid metal construction is nearly bulletproof. It also features a trio of retractable "spider legs" which can supplement the hero's hands in combat.

8" Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins)
At a scientific demonstration, Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that had been exposed to a huge dose of radiation. He fell ill, only to find himself suddenly imbued with amazing powers. When a passing car nearly ran him down, he discovered the ability to jump huge distances and cling to walls, not to mention his danger detecting "spider-sense" and super strength.

When the arrogance born of his newfound powers led him to allow a fleeing thug to escape, something happened that changed his life. The same thug later gunned down Peter's beloved Uncle Ben. Nothing would ever be the same. From then on the streets of New York City fell under the protection of the amazing Spider-Man. Features fabric costume.

8" Wolverine (Spider-Man Origins)
Wolverine and Spider-Man have found themselves on opposite sides of a fight too many times to count. As far as Wolverine is concerned, the kid's a smart aleck just begging for an adamantium claw up the old wazoo. He could care less what the webhead thinks of him.

Still, bug boy's got heart. Wolverine has seen more than his fair share of men beat. In all his years he's never seen anyone beaten as badly as he's seen Spider-Man get, and still keep fighting. Sure, Spider-Man and him have got into a few dust ups over the fact that Wolverine prefers more...permanent...solutions to the criminal problem, but you've got to respect the web-slinger's ability to put a man down without wasting him.

Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man Origins)
Among the ranks of villains that have tried to take down Spider-Man, few are quite as recognizable - or as dangerous - as Doctor Octopus (or Doc Ock as he is known to Spider-Man, to the evil mastermind's eternal annoyance). Though he began life as an ambitious and brilliant scientist, Dr. Otto Octavius turned his intellect to crime after an accident left him brain damaged and scarred. His four adamantium arms make him impossibly strong; he is able to lift and throw as much as 20 tons. Includes display base. 6" scale.
Iron Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins)
As an official member of the world's mightiest super-team, it's high time Spider-Man upgraded his gear. By way of welcoming him to the Avengers, the invincible Iron Man constructed this bullet-proof, liquid metal battle suit for the web-slinger. As well as bringing state of the art technology to the tips of the wall-crawler's fingers, it also complements and enhances his new powers and features a set of cybernetic spider-legs. The new duds might take some getting used to, but please welcome your friendly neighborhood Iron Spider-Man! Features spider-leg attack claws and includes display base.
Lizard (Spider-Man Origins)
Dr. Curt Connors istn's a bad guy. But an obsession with re-growing his lost arm led him to toy with his own genetic structure, changing him into the terrible Lizard. Every bit as strong and fast as Spider-Man, he is incredibly resistant to damage. Nothing will stand in the way of the Lizard - no innocent, no hero, and no conscience - in his single-minded pursuit of world domination! Includes display base.
Mysterio (Spider-Man Origins)
Quentin Beck was a great special effects man, but Hollywood just didn't appreciate him, so he turned his talents to crime. As Mysterio, he is a master of illusion with the incredible ability to seemingly reshape reality around Spider-Man. Under his mercy, Spider-Man has battled everything from rampaging dinosaurs to shambling zombies. Spider-Man is usually too smart to totally fall for Beck's manipulation, but victory against Mysterio amost always comes at a cost. Features 3 faces of evil and includes a display base.
Rhino (Spider-Man Origins)
Aleksei Sysevich was never more than a simple thug. Hoping that more power would lead to more money, he agreed to undergo the series of experimental surgeries and radiation treatments that turned him into the mighty Rhino! Capable of lifting more than 80 tons, and nearly unstoppable when he charges, Rhino can go toe to toe with the Hulk. Just now he's got his sights set on Spider-Man though, and if the web-slinger knows what's good for him, he'll stay out of the way. 6" tall figure includes display base.
Secret Wars Spider-Man (Spider-Man Origins)
On a dangerous, alien world, Spider-Man encounters an arcane machine that coats him in a sleek, new costume. With greater strength than ever before, and a suddenly endless supply of webbing, the wall crawler is nearly unstoppable. Little does he know that his new costume is actually an alien creature that has bonded with his body and is slowly taking over his mind! Features attack glider with retractable wings and missile. 6" tall.
Spider-Man 2099 (Spider-Man Origins)
A secret experiment changed Miguel O'Hara's life forever. Granted extraordinary powers, he dons the mantle of Spider-Man and takes the fight against evil to the dark, polluted streets of New York City in the year 2099. Incredible strength, agility, and his trademark webslinging give him his edge, but his intelligence is what helps him survive. The future is a dangerous place, but luckily Spider-Man is the most courageous man there. 6" tall figure includes display base and removable cape.
Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man Origins Battle-Packs)
Hyper-intelligent super villain Doctor Octopus has struck again! As Spider-Man swings through the air, bringing innocent bystanders to safety, the evil doctor keeps up a non-stop barrage of huge objects hurled by his mighty robotic tentacles. The two men are evenly matched for strength, but it's all Spider-Man can do to avoid being crushed by the oncoming onslaught of hurled buses, much less stay out of the crushing grip of those terrible tentacles. 6" scale.
Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin (Spider-Man Origins Battle-Packs)
High above the streets of New York City, Spider-Man battles the evil Green Goblin. Spider-Man dodges desperately, swinging from web to web in an endless combination of incredible contortions to avoid his enemy's dangerous pumpkin bombs. Meanwhile, the Green Goblin zooms through the air aboard his Goblin Glider, cutting a smoky trail of destruction across the Manhattan skyline! Green Goblin features removable mask and glider. 6" scale.
Spider-Man vs. Venom (Spider-Man Origins Battle-Packs)
So quickly do these two combatants move through the sky above the streets of New York City that the human eye can barely track them. The air is a flurry of black and white webbing as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and the dangerous Venom soar around each other, trading blows. While Venom may be stronger than the web-slinger, he's distracted by his own rage, so it's the wall-crawler's brains that will win this battle!
Spider-Man with leaping attack (Spider-Man Origins)
Spider-Man leaps into battle against his foes! With incredible acrobatics, super strength, and plenty of web-slinging action, no criminal can stand against this hero for long. No matter who he's fighting, Spider-Man knows that he'll eventually swing to victory on the end of his trademark webbing. Includes leaping attack base.
Spider-Man with magnetic shoot & grab action (Spider-Man Origins)
Spider-Man has a dazzling array of incredible powers. His most amazing one isn't because of a radioactive spider bite though, but because of his own inventiveness. Hidden beneath his costume are web-shooters that fire strands of sticky, strong webbing, which the wall-crawler uses to swing from building to building, capture bad guys, or snag nearby objects. Includes "webbing" that sticks to garbage can.
Spider-Man with spinning hurricane kick action (Spider-Man Origins)
Spider-Man's distinctive fighting style is recognized around the world. Leaping from walls, ceilings and floors with incredible speed, he contorts his body in countless bizarre twists that baffle and frustrate even his canniest foes. Few opponents can fight the wall crawler for long without becoming hopelessly dizzy and confused by the hero's acrobatic assault. Includes catapult launcher. 6" scale.
Venom (Spider-Man Origins)
The Evil union of an alien life-form and reporter Eddie Brock, Venom is one of the web-slinger's most dangerous enemies. He is incredibly strong, and possesses a nearly unlimited supply of webbing, as well as all the fighting skills of Spider-Man. Obsessed with the wall-crawler's destruction, Venom embarks on a chaotic rampage designed to draw in his enemy and crush him. Includes display base.
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