SPIDER-MAN (Sneak Attack, Bug Busters) action figures

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Jack O'Lantern (Bug Busters)
Jetting through the city streets on his rocket disk, Jack O'Lantern is a criminal with a frightening visage. Utilizing advanced technology and weapons to create his chaos, Jack O'Lantern is always coming up with new ways to commit his crimes. Teaming up with the Vulture in his quest to destroy Spider-Man, Jack O'Lantern uses his Pumpkin-Hurling Bug Buster in his battle against the wall-crawler's newest ally, Silver Sable. Using all of the pumpkin-pounding resources at his command, Jack O'Lantern is one villain who's all trick and no treat!

Features Bug Eye Blaster with disk firing action and includes a bonus sneak attack sticker. 6" tall.

Silver Sable (Bug Busters)
Using all of her covert training and advanced weaponry, Silver Sable makes up for her lack of super-powers! When Jack O'Lantern steals one of her weapon vans, Silver Sable is drawn into a three-way battle between Jack, Vulture, and Spider-Man! Tracking down her stolen goods puts her face-to-face with Spidey, and the two join forces against the villains. Using her Germ-Spewing Bug Buster, Sable goes straight for the goods and brings Vulture coughing and unconscious down to the ground - leaving Spider-Man to swing in and take out Jack O'Lantern.

5" tall.

Spider-Man and Spider Stinger (Bug Busters)
Accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider during a science experiment, Peter Parker gained all the abilities of an arachnid and forever became Spider-Man! Fighting crime and keeping the city streets safe, Spider-Man has faced all kinds of villains. But when he goes up against high-flying foes like the Vulture and Jack O'Lantern, he's got his work cut out for him. And it won't be easy because these villains are going to throw Spidey some curves! But using his trusty web-shooters and Spider-Spinning Bug Buster, Spider-Man is ready for anything they can throw at him!

Features Spider Stinger with disk firing action and includes a bonus sneak attack sticker.

Venom Spider Rider (Super Bug Busters)
As Venom's attempts to defeat Spider-Man continue to fail, the alien symbiote summons from the depths of space a new weapon, the Super Bug Buster! Created by the alien symbiote especially to squash Spider-Man, this fearsome vehicle comes equipped with devastating, disk-firing action and creepy creature legs. This is one villain Spider-Man won't soon forget!

Includes 5" Venom figure & 5 Venom disks.

Vulture (Bug Busters)
Features Jaw Breaker Bug Buster with disk firing action and includes a bonus sneak attack sticker.
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